Memory Fragments

Let me show you some variation of my art


Art has no borders. It connects us and always tries to evolve

Memory Fragments

Starting from the end of 2019 until now, I publish many of my new works under the series Fragments of Memory. These works are mainly characterized by condensing the actual art into confined spaces of black brush and spatial knife strokes on an otherwise empty and white canvas. As memories are fragmented and sketchy, the empty space represents an infinite universe of possibilities, which the viewer can fill in with their own stories and imagination. For me art is like a collection of ideas sourced by the subconcious mind from a pool of memories. When I create a piece, that through its white spaces pretends to be unfinished, I intend to lure the curiosity of the viewers and encourage them to fill in the blanks with their own memories in this journey for completion. So the viewer becomes a part of my creation, a part of the story I wish to tell. It changes together with the eye of the beholder..

Line Art

With only a few lines I try to accomplish capturing movement and behaviour of us humans.

Ink Drawings

Usually I use a Fude Brush to accomplish those. Sumi a traditional japanese black ink mixed with some water and sometimes highlighted with different colors. The uncertainty of those movements of the Ink makes those drawings like the life itselfs